About us


Experts in software solutions for Stock Brokers, Exchanges, Banks and Asset Management.

Solution by Business Area

We take care of the technology so you can focus on revenue generation.

Back office

Have all the clients information in only one system.

Trading Desk and
Customer Service

Your clients portfolio marked to market, one click away.

Solutions to your clients

We can reduce your time to market in 80% , even taking legacy systems integration into account .

Infrastructure and software development

Big project backlog for a small headcount? We lower your costs by helping your development team to deliver more in less time

Risk and

Take advantage of a complete, unified and real-time post trade risk solution and a pre trade solution that follow your own risk rules.

We are financial market experts

Introducing our additional expertises

Cryptocurrencies Trading Platform

Offer to your client a real secure and professional cryptocurrency platform. Our trading solutions are already trusted by the market biggest brokerages firms.

Hedge funds, assets, wealth management
and family offices

We gather in one system all your client´s portfolio and managed assets, no matter the data source (Brokerage firms, client, banks, offshore, etc) or even the file format (CSV, PDF, EXCEL, WORD, TXT, API).

Startups e fintechs

Have you got the idea but not the dev team? We can help you building up your MVP faster and cheaper.


We develop and fine tune high performance algorithms, running in our own platform or not. In addition we backtest, integrate with the brokerage firm infrastruture and babysit your algo while it trade.

Our clients